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I'm Lorraine McCamley

Owner of Boldly Quiet Consulting

I spent 30 years in business, both as an individual contributor and in leadership positions. After finishing my master's degree in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania, I started Boldly Quiet Consulting (I like to say I am quiet on the inside, but loud on the inside!), where I have enjoyed working with clients and organizations passionate about both personal and professional development (if you can separate those any more).  

My clients are people who want to be engaged in their work and in life. They want to develop their skills, sharpen their natural talents, and contribute in an ever more complex world. Sometimes my clients are frustrated because they are trying to operate in a toxic work environment. Sometimes they are frustrated because of the lack of collaboration among their peers. And sometimes they are new to a leadership role and need to quickly build a high-performing team.  

Can you identify with any of my clients? If you do, I'd love to meet you. Set up a quick exploratory call now.

Ask Lorraine about:

    Executive Coaching for high-potential leaders

    Individual Coaching for people in toxic environments

    Group Coaching for general leadership development

    Team Calibration for teams with new leaders

    Workshops to build cross-functional collaboration

    How you and your organization can support leadership development and healthy lifestyle programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

What are Lorraine's clients saying?


It was clear in her approach that the only thing on Lorraine's mind was how to help me. I felt she was investing her time and experience to understand me, she was real and genuine, and I felt like I had a trusted advisor on my side. I plan to use Lorraine for ongoing coaching in the future, but certainly wish I had come across her earlier in my career.

JL - Marketing Executive

Lorraine challenged me to rethink the rules I created for myself and supported me as I created a new approach that better served me. I have made meaningful changes in both my professional and personal life as a result. Lorraine is a fantastic coach who is able to get to the root of what is going on with her clients and support them in gaining clarity they can leverage to level up in their daily lives. 

AV - Director

I'm so grateful for the coaching sessions that we've had and all of your wonderful insights to help me reframe how I view and speak about my work and my influence. I hope to be in touch again soon letting you know that there have been more positive developments! 

DL - Emerging Leader

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