Own Who You Are


As an introvert, you are not weak.  You are not a wallflower.  You don’t need to be invited to participate.  Boldly Quiet’s signature programs  will help you identify, celebrate, and maximize the natural talents that make you unique.

Challenge Yourself


Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is often not enough to help you reach your professional goals.  Boldly Quiet’s signature programs help you look at your long-term goals and create an intentional strategy to achieve those goals in an authentic, unapologetic way.

Make Your Mark


What do you want your legacy to be?  Who and what are you impacting during your leadership journey?  Make a lasting difference.  Boldly Quiet’s signature programs will help you fine tune your leadership mission and, through thoughtful feedback, help you navigate complex environments.

The Introvert’s Leadership Consultant

I’m Lorraine McCamley and I help quiet professionals to celebrate and optimize their leadership talents.


My coaching practice is focused on helping high potential, talented leaders—who also happen to be quiet, internally motivated and energized thinkers — to understand, celebrate, and optimize their strengths so that they can be successful leaders of others while being authentic and true to themselves.