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The Boldly Quiet Manifesto

The public declaration of my intention to thrive as an introvert in professional environments.

I will embrace who I am

I don’t have to be ashamed that I am wired differently from more stereotypical leaders. I am unique and bring talents, skills, and perspectives to the table that are valuable and worthy of consideration. I cheapen my value to myself and to others when I pretend to be someone else.

I will embrace others

While my energy may come from within, my sense of purpose as a leader is built upon equipping others to be successful. I will draw others out by asking insightful questions and really listening to their responses, helping them draw connections and conclusions that spur their personal and professional growth.

I will be heard

I will prioritize “pre-thinking”, so that I can speak early in a meeting about a planned topic. I will give myself permission to talk before my thoughts are fully formulated. I will not assume that others who talk more than I do know more than I do and will professionally insert my own thoughts and questions into the dialogue. I will not wait for others to create a “safe space”; neither will I wait to be invited to speak.

I will be visible

In professional settings, I will wear splashes of bright color that will help me stand out in the sea of gray, navy, and black. I will arrive early, sit in front, smile and make eye contact with others. I will be the first to reach out to newcomers and others standing by themselves.

I will breathe

Whether I am by myself or in a crowd of people, I will periodically close my eyes and take deep, cleansing breaths to re-center my thoughts and renew my energy for the task at hand. Better yet, I will take a walk, allowing my thoughts to wander and my mind to recharge. I will also use breath to make my voice strong.

I will surprise

I will strategically and with intention sing, dance, belly-laugh yell, or pound my fists to make people reassess their perceptions of me. I will passionately express my thoughts when I speak in front of groups, small or large, and will show my vulnerability by being able to laugh at myself. I will shatter the stereotype that often confines me.

I will grow

I will surround myself with diversity so I can understand different perspectives and make better decisions. I will celebrate failures, seeing in them an opportunity to learn, and will surround myself with people who challenge me by being better than I am in areas and who will provide me with authentic feedback. I will intentionally expose myself to new ideas.

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