boldly quiet leadership book

Boldly Quite: The Introverts Guide To Developing The Mindset Of A Succesful Leader.

A marketing executive walks back to her office after a meeting with her boss, disappointed and frustrated that she is not being given the opportunity she knows she deserves.  “You’re too quiet and reserved, so you don’t show up the way successful leaders do.”

A technology director waits in his car after he pulls into the parking lot at work, forcing himself to step into the persona of a charismatic and inspiring leader for his team.  Doing this every day is exhausting, but he knows that he must pretend to be an extrovert in order to be taken seriously by the organization.

Do you relate to these feelings of frustration?  Has your confidence been beaten down because you feel you are not valued for who you naturally are?  In this book you will learn:

    • The art of embracing yourself—and others
    • How to be seen and heard within your organization in an authentic way
    • The value of intentionally shifting people’s perception of you (it’s fun, too!)
  • The importance of breathing – both physically and metaphorically
  • The enlightenment that comes with growth

Boldly Quiet helps introverted professionals perceive themselves differently, the first step in shifting the perception that successful leaders are extroverts.  Extroverts may learn a thing or two as well!