Lorraine McCamley

Leadership Consultant for Introverts 

Own who you are. Challenge yourself. Make your mark.

I’m Lorraine McCamley and my coaching practice is focused on helping high potential, talented leaders

— who also happen to be quiet, internally motivated and energized thinkers—

to understand, celebrate, and optimize their strengths so that they can be successful leaders of others while being authentic and true to themselves.

My Story

Early on in my career, I was identified as an introvert which, I learned as I progressed in my career, is a label that can create negative perceptions in the business world.  I spent much of my career trying to overcome being an introvert and eventually grew frustrated and exhausted.  It wasn’t until later, after many years as a leader, that I began to understand the innate talents that made me show up as something different than the stereotypical leader and how I could leverage those talents to become a successful and respected leader.  The impact of seeing myself through this positive lens led me to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

I spent close to thirty years in business, with companies that ranged from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, primarily in the financial services industry.  My roles were generally “connector” roles, helping functional teams work together effectively.  I led teams and projects through times of great regulatory, geopolitical and technological change.  As a leader, I was passionate about building an engaging culture, leveraging employee’s strengths in a positive way, and celebrating both individual and team success.

My academic background includes a Master’s of Science degree in Organizational Dynamics (MSOD) from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual concentration in Organizational Coaching and Leading and Managing Change.  System Thinking is woven through most of the classes in this program:  focusing on the interactions among the parts of a whole and how performance is influenced by the quality of those interactions provides me with a framework to coach introverts within a larger, often complex environment.

I am a proud member of the following organizations:  the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM), the Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy (PSPS), and the Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce, in the area in which I make my home.  I am barely a Baby Boomer and am a sometimes-reluctant member of the sandwich generation, caught between the needs of aging parents and those of my own family.

Join me in the Boldly Quiet Community.  Be proud of who you are and the power of your strengths.

My Core Beliefs

Own Who You Are

As an introvert, you are not weak.  You are not a wallflower.  You don’t need to be invited to participate.  I value each individual for what makes them unique and will help you identify, celebrate, and maximize your natural talents.

Challenge Yourself

I believe that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is often not enough to help you reach your professional goals.  I will help you look at your long-term goals and create an intentional strategy to achieve them in an authentic, unapologetic way.

Make Your Mark

What do you want your legacy to be?  Who and what are you impacting during your leadership journey?  Make a lasting difference.  Together we will finetune your leadership mission and, through thoughtful feedback, help you navigate complex environments.

My Approach

Fit: The person being coached and I must mutually feel that we are a good fit for each other.  We must be able to quickly build a trusting relationship because we will be side-by-side in the trenches.

Expectations:  Expectations, both of me and the person being coached, must be clearly defined, so that efforts can be aligned and results measured.

Context:  Understanding the system in which the introverted leader is expected to perform is critical; without context, opportunities and challenges can neither be fully exploited nor understood.

My methods include such things as the CliftonStrengths® assessment, in-person or online discussions, interviews with constituents, and job shadowing.  As needed, I will collaborate as needed with Board members, bosses, Human Resources, change management leaders, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders so that individual and organizational performance is supported throughout the engagement.

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