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About Us

There is no me without you!

About You

You are ambitious.  You know you have what it takes to be a successful leader.  

You bring natural strengths to the table, but feel like people overlook you.  

You are proud of being a good listener, but frustrated that others keep telling you to speak up more.  Why say something just to say something?

You understand the value of diversity and want people to recognize that you bring a diverse and unique viewpoint to every discussion.   

You want to be appreciated and respected because you are courageous and authentic.

You believe in the importance of personal and professional growth and are diligent about challenging yourself to do more and to be more.

You are so much more than quiet!

About Me

My name is Lorraine McCamley and I am the owner of Boldly Quiet Consulting.  My coaching practice is focused on helping high-potential, talented leaders--who also happen to be quiet, internally motivated and energized thinkers--to understand, celebrate, and optimize their natural talents so they can be successful leaders of others while being authentic and true to themselves.

I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, a designation I pursued because of the impact that understanding and leveraging my natural talents had on both my personal and professional life.  I learned that being an introvert wasn't something I needed to fix.

My corporate career was spend on the business side in financial services.  I decided to obtain my master's degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania when I realized how much I really enjoyed using my strengths to help leaders develop and to understand and improve team dynamics.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my husband, our teenaged son, a German Shepherd and three cats.  I love to work out in my garden and read crime fiction.

In 2019, I decided that I wanted to have a global impact.  I am thrilled to be working now in various capacities with the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, as well as community leaders in Benin and Ethiopia.  What a privilege!

I like to describe myself as "quiet on the outside, but loud on the inside!"

For more information about these offerings, customization options, keynote presentations, or other thought leadership, please set up a call or email Lorraine McCamley, owner of Boldly Quiet Consulting, at [email protected]